We have the lowest professional development/hosting packages in the area. Period!

That’s a pretty bold statement. I can go on and on about our low rates and best technologies but the bottom line really is what is your budget and what are your expectations. So here are some budget examples of some recent projects. If you would like to get a reference from them (I certainly would) contact me and I will get you connected.

$200 budget: You are a non-profit or have a home-based business and want a professional looking web presence where folks can find out about you or clients can get information.





$300-500 budget: You have a small business and want to sell stuff on the web. Perhaps you have an Etsy Shop (or some other online shop) but it’s hard to find you because there are dozens of other folks selling similar products and services (but none of them as good as yours!). So you want a website to put on your business cards so folks can find you on the web and seamlessly find your online shop. This is the package for you!





$500-1500 budget: You have a growing small business and you want to sell locally as well as have an e-commerce presence on the web. Your online store will have several categories and dozens and dozens of products. You want the flexibility and economics of managing your product data base and promotions. You want a secure checkout using credit cards or PayPal and you want your website to determine tax and shipping at checkout. And you want to access sales statistics that are automatically tracked by your onoine store.






$1500 and up: You are a successful online business. You are looking for a professional online presence but want to control costs to invest in your growth. Your online store is working well. You are looking to expand your business through partnerships and affiliates. Take a look at this growing San Francisco based client that we have partnered with for 5-years and who is expanding into multiple groups. We started with a $500 proposal and this business is now expanding nationally.